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This site is dedicated to and was created for fibromyalgia, CFIDS, and other chronic illness sufferers who believe the in mind, body, spirit connection. It consists of a compilation of messages and book recommendations that I have created regarding living with a chronic illness.


I have had FMS, MPS, dysautonomia, and CFIDS for over 13 years.  I started to write small articles about the lessons I have     learned from living with an illness about three years ago and sharing them on the FMS board on AOL.  


When I realized that not everyone wanted to hear positive messages, I decided to e-mail the articles only to those who were interested in reading them--and an e-mail list was created. The list of articles and people who wanted to read them grew too large to handle through e-mail, and so this site was created.  


I continue to learn from and about this illness, and so I continue to write about subjects such as keeping a positive outlook, relying on spirituality to guide us through rough times, and also to relay helpful advice that I have read from many different sources.


 I hope that everyone can gain some comfort, empowerment and love from these messages. I enjoy feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to e-mail me anytime.


Reverend Liz


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