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It is now time to accept response-ability for who you are---your ability to respond to the world around you. Responsibility is usually interpreted as a negative thing, but it isn't! It is simply you exercising your free will and your ability to re-create your world every single day. Your true response-ability in this world is to find out and then be who you really are.

This is the time when you are to fulfill your destiny. It is a wonderful destiny of light and love and abundance.

To participate, you need only be willing to become all you are capable of being.
This is accomplished effortlessly by relaxing, letting go of preconception and limitation, stilling your mind, quieting the noise, being silent, going within and entering into the real you. Herein is pure potential.

You no longer need to make excuses. It is now time for you to be proactive, make choices and make a contribution. Become abundant and you will have abundance.

Be Here Now


Regret of the past and fear of the future will steal your present. Release them. 

Achieve stillness and inner harmony. 

Harmony within produces harmony without. Be here now. 
Be fully present.
You have the choice.
You have the power.
You are the cause.
You can be what you will to be.
You can be what you choose to be.
You can become what you choose to think.
Freedom is your ability to choose your thoughts and beliefs.
It is your natural right.
It is your destiny.