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It seems that many of us are having a lot of extra pain lately (how can that be???).

I've been hearing from many of you that the pain is just too much to bear sometimes. I understand and wish more than anything to make your pain go away, but I can't. I can, however, go over some of my techniques to make my pain lessen when I can't take any medication (or the medication just isn't helping) and hope that they will help you, too.

The first thing I do is breathe. I've rattled on and on about breathing, but I think that most of us forget to do it. Breathe in the White Light and breathe out the pain. Concentrate on where it hurts and just breathe in the good and send the pain right out of your body with every exhale. Do this for at least 5 minutes. This works for me for short periods of time, just enough to get me through emergencies. I've not acquired the skills to permanently make my pain go away (when I do figure it out I'll write a book and be very rich!).

If breathing doesn't work for you, try this: Instead of fighting the pain, concentrate very hard on the source of the pain (or the worst place) and then send yourself into the pain. Completely immerse yourself into it and let yourself feel it completely. When you believe that you are at one with the pain, ask it what it is trying to tell you. Be kind to the pain. Tell it that you will listen and that you know it is trying to help you. Explain that in normal cases, pain is good because it alerts you to a problem, but in your case, you don't understand what the problem is. If you get an answer (you are very blessed), work on correcting what the pain is telling you. If you do not hear an answer, just ask the pain if it will please leave you or let up a little. This takes a lot of concentration, but if you can do it, it really works and it is a very profound spiritual experience.

The third thing you can do is ask your Guardians, or God or the Universe, or whomever you look to as your Supreme Power, for help in understanding the pain. Have a really serious think about why you have this pain and ask for guidance in handling it. Don't ask to have the pain taken away, but rather declare that you are done with pain.

When I let the Joy of the Divine in, I feel a tingle and glow and my pain either lessens or goes away completely. Learning to live in that Glow all the time is the trick. The worst possible thing you can do is sink into depression or let the pain take you over. I know that this is difficult (I have this thing, too!), but your physical pain will worsen if you let your emotional state become negative or depressed.

If none of the above works, my philosophy is to go to the doctor and tell him/her that your pain medication is not working and that you cannot function in this much pain. I am very lucky to have a doctor who will do whatever is necessary to make me comfortable, but I know that many of you are not. I would urge you to try to find someone who will understand that the pain is real and that it is ruining your quality of life. I become very frustrated when I hear of people living in constant pain. It isn't humane.

It takes time and practice to perfect these techniques and we can't live in pain until such time as we do perfect them, so I believe in mixing traditional medicine with positive thinking.

My doctor has been urging me to go to an acupuncturist; he says he has sent all his FMS patients to him and they have all had wonderful results. I am too chicken at this point, but I may try it soon. Maybe it will help you.

May the Universe help you lessen your pain and bring you Joy and Love...and may you not let pain get the best of you.