Who Am I?

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I am a shard of God;
I am all powerful
I am beautiful;
both inside and out
I am knowledge;
I teach others what I have learned
I am kindness and good;
I love all of God's children,
as We are all One
I am empowered by God
to be all that I believe I can be
I am body, spirit, soul;
I am more than just a body.
I am experience;
I know pain, illness, depression, fear, and despair.
For how can One truly appreciate being painless,
free from dis-ease,
know boundless joy,
unconditional love, confidence,
and One-ness with God until
One experiences the opposite?
I experience the pain right now
So that I can appreciate the lack of it.
I am special;
I am strong enough to be special.
Life is a vivid experience for me,
for I have been given the opportunity to experience
ALL of life and to cry with joy when I
experience the opposites, whether they be
pain or joy.

May you enjoy a painless day,