Keeping The Faith

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We deal with chronic illness every minute of our lives; there is no escape, no medical miracle cure that will make it go away. Our disabilities have touched every part of our being and everyone in our lives. Our lives are filled with pain, confusion, guilt, depression, fear, anger and a feeling of complete loss of control.

Is it any wonder we sometimes feel like we can't keep going, can't find the energy to keep hoping that the next day will be better, that there will be a cure, that someday we'll be able to do the simplest of things again, that someday we will be without pain? Sometimes getting better seems an impossibility as just keeping going becomes an overwhelming task.

So how do we deal with the many losses we have endured, the pain, the psychological implications involved, the pressure that society puts on us to act "normally?"

I think first and foremost, we need to "keep the faith."

It is tempting to blame God for this pain, to feel like we're being punished, we are not deserving or have been forgotten. Our society and upbringing makes it difficult to overcome these negative beliefs. But we can.

In order to lose faith, you'd have to become spiritually disconnected from God/The Universe and everyone in it, and that is impossible. We are all one! Everything and everyone in the Universe is made of the same matter, and because of that, you DO matter, and you cannot be disconnected. God does not waiver on this point so how can we? You are important, you are loved, you do matter. Tell yourself this over and over again if you have any negative beliefs about being punished, not being deserving or important; these are destructive beliefs which you can change, and you will become healthier and happier when you do.

Doctors and researchers and all the other parts of this world that we place our hopes with are fallible and constantly changing their minds about what is and what isn't. They are not ultimate authorities and are not what will ultimately get us through this - it is our faith that will get us through this. God is infallible and never stops loving us. We must remember that we are here for a reason, we are part of an ultimate plan, that we are living this experience for a reason.

  • Are we here to push the world toward acceptance of things that people do not yet understand?

  • Are we here to learn more about our real selves--the selves we would never have gotten to know if we didn't have this illness?

  • Are we here to know the depths of pain and frustration so that we need not come down this path again?

  • Are we here to gain strength from our pain?

  • Are we here to learn total and ultimate forgiveness?

  • Are we here to gain compassion and love for others, whether they are in pain or not?

  • Are we here to help build a better world through the knowledge we have garnered through the illnesses we have?

  • Are we here to show doctors, psychologists and scientists that they can't heal the body unless they reprogram the mind to think positively and integrate spirit?

After we have reaffirmed that our faith is strong, that we do have a purpose, and that our faith cannot be broken, then the second step is to prioritize the rest of your life. Decide not to let social pressures get to you. Decide to crack down on the family and make them pitch in and help you. Decide to not put up with being abused, in any form. Decide, decide, decide. God gave us free will, and that means the power to decide. So, let's decide to keep the faith, and to use our free will to prioritize the rest of our lives so that we can make ourselves happy and healthy. 

Using our free will makes God very happy; as it was an ultimate Gift to us. Doesn't it make you happy to see someone using a Gift you gave them?

Remember this: If you saw yourself as God sees you, you'd smile A LOT!!!!