How to Stop Worrying

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Ok, so now we've established that worry, which is actually fear, is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It creates toxins in your body that make you sick.

So now how do you stop worrying? It's not easy!!!!

As I've said, worry is fear, so you need to figure out what you are afraid of. Think about things that you are afraid of. Now make a list. After you have done this there are several different methods for getting rid of your fears, which is the opposite of burying them (which is what most of us have done). We have buried our fears and now we are sick! Let's learn to actually let go of the fear.

If you believe in a higher power (God, Goddess, The Universe, Universal Power, Mother Nature) visualize yourself giving that list of your fears over to the Universe. You can say, "Here, you take these worries, they are too much for me." Or you can ask that the Universe take this weight from your shoulders. Practice this until you can feel the weight lifted from your shoulders.
Remember that fear comes from feeling separated from the Universe, and that you ARE an integral part of the Universe, you ARE worthy of a Higher Power's help, and you ARE capable of handing it over. No matter how many times a day fear creeps into your life, think about what you are afraid of and hand it over. It will be taken from your shoulders once you believe that you are truly a part of the Universal Plan.

If you do not believe in a Higher Power, imagine the wind blowing through your body, blowing away all of the negative, fearful thoughts. As the wind removes the negative thoughts, it replaces them with positive, loving healing thoughts.

You can also try this (this is my favorite). Take in a deep breath. While you are breathing in, think of the air as cleansing, healing, clear, white light. As you breathe out, breathe out all of your negative, fearful thoughts. I get rid of a different negative thought with every exhale. This is very powerful if you do it every time you find yourself fearful or feeling sorry for yourself. This is an especially good method for FMS'rs because we tend to not breathe deeply enough!!! Don't become disillusioned if it takes a while to get the hang of it...everything takes practice.