Living In The Moment

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I'm sure all of you have heard the term "living in the present" or "living for the moment." Reading about it, thinking about it and believing in it are one thing, but actually doing it is another!

 Learning to live your life one moment at a time is a difficult but very rewarding task. Living each moment at a time improves your quality of life ten-fold, as well as providing many other benefits.

When we learn to live in the moment, we appreciate every breath, every second, every event that takes place in our lives. When living in the past or the present, you cannot appreciate what you have at this present moment. You cannot change the past, and worrying about the future is futile, so why not live in the present?

The trick to learning to live in the present is to keep reminding yourself that you are not living consciously, in the moment. Keep reminding yourself over and over to appreciate the present moment. If you are in pain, as most of us are, accept the pain, and go on to the next moment. We have been given the burden of pain for some reason, so we have to accept it, I mean REALLY accept it in order to understand it.

Many of us have come to understand that we have grown strong from this illness, and many others have still not accepted that we are ill for a reason, that there is a lesson to be learned, that we can grow from the pain. For both groups, learning to live in the present will teach you to appreciate what you do have this very moment.

How easy life becomes when we let go of the past and stop worrying about the future! All we have to deal with is the present, what we are doing turns into what we can be doing this very second to make the most of our lives.

Live as if you have only one more second to live every moment of your life and you will have no regrets. Give thanks every single second for what you DO have rather than being sorrowful for what you don't have.

Even spiritual masters must keep reminding themselves to live in the present, so don't get frustrated if you find it difficult. Just keep practicing and the moments you find yourself living in the present will grow and grow.

For those of you with children, I'm sure you can relate to this: How many times have you been frustrated because you have given everything you can to your small children and they still are not happy with their lives. They complain of being bored or not having enough toys, friends, things to do. Think about how FRUSTRATED you become because you have given them SO MUCH and they do not seem to appreciate it. Now think of yourself as a small child of God and think of how much God has given you. 

Let's not act like ungrateful children, let's be thankful and conscious of every moment of our lives and give thanks for what we DO have!

Your life will change dramatically when you learn to live in the moment and give thanks for each of those moments.