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Affirmations are an incredibly powerful method of training your mind to believe what your soul knows to be true.

I am sure that you truly want to be a healthy, vital person with energy to spare, but your experience tells you that you are unhealthy and so your mind is now trained to believe you are a sick person.

To "trick" your mind into believing that you are a healthy, vital person, start using affirmations daily to train your mind to believe what you want it to.

Your mind WILL start to respond to these affirmations if you practice them religiously. At least five times a day (preferably before a mirror) say these or any other affirmations that really mean something to you:

  •  My healing is already in progress
  •  I listen with love to my body's messages.
  •  My health is radiant, vibrant and dynamic now.
  •  I am grateful for my perfect health.
  •  I deserve good health.

It may sound silly to anyone who hasn't tried it, but these affirmations really do work! You will feel better within a few weeks of practicing them. Good luck and let me know how you all are doing.