Learning To Say No

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"Illness is the body's way of telling us that there is a false idea in our consciousness. Something that we are believing, saying, doing, or thinking is not for our highest good. I always picture the body tugging at us saying "Please--pay attention!"

"Sometimes people do want to be sick. In our society, we've made illness a legitimate way to avoid responsibility or unpleasant situations. If we can't learn to say "no," then we may have to invent a dis-ease to say "no" for us."

"True healing involves body, mind, and spirit. I believe that if we "cure" an illness, yet do not address the emotional and spiritual issues that surround that illness, it will only manifest itself again."

-From "Heal Yourself, Heal your Life" by Louise Hay
(Louise Hay cured herself of breast cancer by changing her thinking and her lifestyle.)