Your Link to Divinity

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Every day, you must take the time to achieve stillness and enter into the silence so that you can maintain the communications link to divinity, to universal consciousness.

Many people get so busy and so occupied with their daily lives that they neglect the most important relationship they have. It is necessary to stop, go within yourself and achieve a harmony of spirit. This is the source of all power.

All the effort, all the rush, rush, rush, all the struggle, all the busy-ness, all the attempts through concentrating on effects are nothing compared to getting in tune with the true source of everything.

Within yourself, in silence, in concentrated relaxation, within your consciousness is the connecting link to ultimate cause. When you are at cause, you no longer need to struggle with effects to get ahead.

Being at cause is being in harmony with the universal and natural laws. This is attained in stillness and silence.

Allow yourself the discipline to daily enter the world within.

Remember the world without reflects the world within. Concentrate daily on creating your perfect world within and your world without will manifest that same perfection.